Chipman Design Architecture Has Been Here Before

Chipman Design Architecture has weathered over four decades of economic turbulence by consistently leading with our values. We believe people come first, standing as a partner by our clients’ side, and committing the talent and resources needed to innovate through any storm.

CDA has helped our clients find success in difficult times due to our ability to respond quickly, pivot team priorities, and adapt services to meet immediate client needs. Throughout the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, we doubled down on our client partnerships, building more fluid and non-traditional relationships by offering new services like lease reviews and architectural test fits.

Crisis or not, we are nothing without our amazing team members, and we understand the demand to rethink human-centric design principles for our clients, as well as how to support our staff as we adapt to collaborating in a new working environment.

Admittedly, COVID-19 is uncharted territory, but as the leading architectural design firm for a post-COVID-19 world, we are facing it with courage, innovation and resilience.

Chipman Design Has Your Architectural Design Plan for COVID-19

CDA has been a remote-capable work environment since the beginning of 2020, and currently, all our job site visits and construction sites are COVID compliant.

We aren’t just taking every safety precaution available, CDA is leading the way with foresight and imagination on how public spaces need to not only adapt now but also thrive in a modified future. We are honored to safely guide the leading national retail, restaurant, and hospitality groups through the pandemic in order to maintain public health and economic stability.

That’s why we have to be SMART.

Being SMART About COVID-19

Spatial Awareness

Tapping flexible solutions such as modular furniture and portable dividers will easily transform spaces to accommodate varying social distancing measures.


Updating materials to innovative products noted for their anti-microbial and sanitation performance will serve a safer environment.

Air Quality

Installing well-planned HVAC systems that bring more than just comfort to a space will contribute to healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


Showcasing proper signage etiquette is key, combined with intentional design cues throughout, will provide subliminal way-finding.


Integrating both advanced technology and dependable mechanisms will ensure a contactless experience from initial entry and beyond.

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More on How We’re Thinking About Architecture Design Post-COVID-19 

As thought leaders on architectural design in a post-COVID world, we’re committed to keeping our clients and industries updated with the latest perspectives and findings.

CEO Lauren Chipman on Retail Design In Fortune

CEO Lauren Chipman on Retail Design In Fortune

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CDA talks to the New York Times about shifts in restaurant layouts post-Covid-19

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ZAGAT: The Future Of Pandemic Restaurant Design

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